Lightning-fast search and query

Query data, content, and documents using a variety of indexing, querying, and full-text search capabilities.

High performance

Redis real-time search supports fast indexing and ingestion. It’s engineered for performance using in-memory data structures implemented in C.

Horizontally scalable

Scale out and partition indexes over several shards and nodes for greater speed and memory capacity.

Enterprise-grade reliability

Enjoy continued operations in any scenario with five-nines availability and Active-Active failover.

Search and Query has allowed us to make the online shopping experience for our customers absolutely seamless. Aggregate searches bring faster, more accurate results so that a customer finds exactly what they need right away. We were facing scalability issues before, but the secondary indexes that are utilized now with our dynamic product offerings mean we can create a convenient and effective buyer journey that keeps customers returning for the healthy and natural products that they have grown to love since our inception.

Ferry Wijaya
VP Engineering, Lemonilo

Real-time search capabilities

Indexing & querying

Redis Enterprise real-time search allows you to quickly create primary and secondary indexes on Hash and JSON datasets using an incremental indexing approach for fast index creation and deletion. The indexes let you query data at top speed, perform complex aggregations, filter by properties, numeric ranges as well as geographical distance.

Full-text & fuzzy search

Redis search supports full-text indexing and stemming-based query expansion in multiple languages. It provides a rich query language that can perform text searches, as well as complex structured queries. Furthermore, you can enrich search experiences by implementing auto-complete suggestions using ‘fuzzy’ searches.

Available on-prem & as a managed service

Redis Enterprise real-time ingest and search lets you effortlessly scale Search and Query across an entire cluster, allowing you to grow your indexes to billions of documents on hundreds of servers.

Find your use case

Real-time analytics

Provide data that is accurate and fresh for analysis. Consolidate disparate sources to one real-time data platform with powerful full text, numeric, geospatial search, and aggregation features.

Master data tables

Redis Enterprise can help optimize your revenue lifecycle by powering modern claims processing and utilization management platforms. Use Redis Enterprise as a stateful message broker or event store for insurance claims that can be searched in real time.


Enhance user and customer experience with accurate inventories, instant search results, and intelligent, personalized suggestions.

Customer 360° initiatives

Redis Enterprise is available on all of the major cloud providers as a managed service, or as software. It supports automation of common operational tasks, and offers tiered memory and storage approaches that deliver cost savings while maintaining sub-millisecond performance.

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