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Redis Cloud powers LangChain OpenGPTs project

OpenGPTs is a low-code, open-source framework for building custom AI agents. Because of Redis’ speed and reliability, LangChain chose Redis Cloud…



How Docugami Uses Redis Enterprise for Document Engineering at Scale

Learn how Docugami uses Generative AI and Redis to transform documents into actionable insights.


Redis & AWS Bedrock in Two Minutes

Learn why AWS Bedrock chose to partner with Redis Cloud as the real-time vector database to store external knowledge bases

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LangChain RAG Template Powered by Redis

The recent launch of LangChain Templates introduces a transformative approach for developers to create and deploy generative AI APIs.



With Redis Vector Database, Superlinked is Revolutionizing Personalization

Redis Cloud provides a highly responsive, scalable vector database and index that powers Superlinked’s management of the process to represent…

Agentic RAG: Using Semantic Caching for Speed and Cost Optimization Webinar

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Redis as a vector database

With Redis, you can build advanced use cases thanks to the support of the vector data type. This course introduces you to semantic search and explains its advantages over the traditional full-text search.


Introducing the Redis Vector Library for Enhancing GenAI Development

Redis Vector Library simplifies the developer experience by providing a streamlined client that enhances Generative AI (GenAI) application development. Redis Enterprise serves as a real-time vector database for vector search, LLM caching, and chat history.

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Building a vector embedding injection pipeline with Redis and VectorFlow

In this article, we will combine VectorFlow with Redis to construct a vector embedding pipeline. Redis will function as our vector database, while VectorFlow will handle the remaining tasks.

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Redis as a vector database quick start guide


How to perform vector search using Redis in NodeJS


Semantic search using LangChain and Redis


Semantic Image Based Queries with Langchain

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